EU-wide Study: European Citizens and Intellectual Property

“European Citizens and Intellectual Property” is the first EU wide study which provides a comprehensive assessment of citizens’ perceptions of Intellectual Property (IP) and its infringements, both from a qualitative and quantitative point of view.

The study reveals that European citizens value Intellectual Property highly and fully acknowledge its contribution to social and economic well-being. The key findings are:

  • 96% of Europeans believe that Intellectual Property (IP) is important because it supports innovation and creativity by rewarding inventors, creators and artists for their work.
  • 86% agree that protecting IP contributes to improving the quality of products and services.
  • 69% of those questioned value IP because they believe it contributes to the creation of jobs and economic well-being.
  • As a result, they condemn IP infringements.

However at individual level, European citizens express some tolerance for IP infringements, in certain cases. Specifically:

  • An average of 34% of Europeans thinks that buying counterfeit goods can be justified to save money.
  • 38% say purchasing counterfeits can be justified as an act of protest against a market-driven economy.
  • 22% think downloading is acceptable when there is no legal alternative and
  • 42% of Europeans think this is acceptable for personal use.

The full report is fully available: Final report [en].

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EuropeanaPhotography IPR workshop Paris, November 14 & 15 2013

Workshop venue : Hôtel Villa Beaumarchais,  5 rue des Arquebusiers, 75003 Paris

Day 1 : Thursday November 14:

Morning (9 am – 1 pm)

Presentation by Angelina Petrovic, paralegal consultant & an experienced specialist of  IPR related to photography  (12 years with Corbis-Sygma).

  • Intellectual Property Rights applied to photography : the basic principles
  • Focus on photographers & third party rights (artists copyright, personality rights, etc…)

* Lunch break*

Afternoon (2 pm – 5 pm)

Practical workshop session with Angelina Petrovic

  • Q&A on morning presentation
  • Case studies based on example provided by EuropeanaPhotography participants

Participants are invited to send questions in advance, as well as specific images or series of images they would like expert advice on.

5.30 pm :

Visit of the photographic collection of Musée Carnavalet guided

Musée Carnavalet, 23 rue de Sévigné, 75003 Paris

(walking distance from the workshop venue)

Musée Carnavalet is dedicated to the history of Paris. Its photographic collection includes many masterpieces, including an impressive collection of works by Atget & Marville

For more info on the collections :

7.30 pm: meet for drinks at Hôtel Villa Beaumarchais

8.30 pm: social diner – restaurant o be confirmed

Day 2 : November 15

Morning: 9am – 12 pm :

Discussion of the Europeana licensing models :

  • Presentation of Europeana’s approach to IPR by Julia Fallon, PR & policy adviser at Europeana Foundation
  • Presentation of the findings of the IPR survey by Dimitrios Tsolis of University of Patras
  • Discussion of the Europeana licenses :  participants will be invited to explain which models they chose and why

*Coffee break*

  • Focus on the Public Domain Mark and discussion with Europeana on the evolutions proposed by the EuropeanaPhotography consortium


12.30: End of IPR  workshop

Free afternoon / visit of Paris photo fair

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EuropeanaPhotography in NEMO’s Annual Conference 2013

EuropeanaPhotography’s IPR expert has participated in the Annual Conference of the Network of European Museums Organization, in Bucharest 1-3 November 2013.


Three exciting and interesting days are over and NEMO wants to say: Thank you! Over 150 people joined us at our Annual Conference in Bucharest and proved to us once again that museums are an important topic to anyone – regardless of country, age, profession and institution. Our amazing speakers from 12 different countries showed us how versatile the museum sector is, what the future could hold and why no institution has to be “afraid” of the digital age.

Follow NEMO’s activities in

Details on the event:

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Rights Labelling Campaign

Europeana launches the Rights Labelling Campaign.

All new collections that are ingested into Europeana carry rights statuses in line with the Europeana Licensing Framework. Read more…

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EU Directive on Orphan Works

Directive 2012/28/EU

of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2012 on certain permitted uses of orphan works.

Directive 2012/28/EU sets out common rules on the digitisation and online display of so-called orphan works.

Orphan works are works like books, newspaper and magazine articles and films that are still protected by copyright but whose authors or other rightholders are not known or cannot be located or contacted to obtain copyright permissions.

Orphan works are part of the collections held by European libraries that might remain untouched without common rules to make their digitisation and online display legally possible.

Read more…

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IPR Guidebook Blog – Welcome

The IPR Guidebook offers continuous support for resolving IPR issues for partners, organizations and content providers.

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